August 17, 2021
Cleaning Condenser Coil in Rochester, MN

Undoubtedly one of the most important components of your AC unit is the condenser coils, as they work with the evaporator coil to remove heat from your home. Keeping them spiffy is crucial to the prolonged success of your AC. Here are five steps you can take to clean your AC unit’s condenser coils and ensure it continues functioning at its best.

Step 1: Give the Coils a Quick Inspection

Before you get to work, you should make sure the coils are in good condition and don’t appear to be damaged. If they’ve been damaged, you should get them repaired by a technician before doing anything else.

Step 2: Remove Debris

Debris that gets stuck in the coils can inhibit the entire unit’s ability to function properly. You can use a coil brush to get the big stuff out.

Step 3: Straighten the Coil Fins

Over time, your condenser’s coil fins can bend. This can be fixed quite easily using an adjustable fin comb. The prongs are small and malleable, making them not only useful for straightening the coil fins, but removing smaller debris within the condenser that can’t necessarily be removed with a coil brush.

Step 4: Coat the Coils With Coil Cleaner

Using coil cleaner is the best way to cleanse the condenser coils of grime. Start by gently wetting the coils with a hose. Then, spray the coils with coil cleaner until they’re covered generously with the foamy substance. Let the cleaner sit for five to 10 minutes. If you don’t have a coil cleaner, it can be found at a local hardware store.

Step 5: Wash Away the Coil Cleaner

Once the cleaner has been given time to sit, rinse it away with water. To avoid bending the fins, try to move the hose in a slow, steady back and forth motion.

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