March 14, 2023
Boiler service Rochester, MN

When choosing a boiler for your home, you have many options. Each boiler type has unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand each type’s pros and cons before choosing. Below are three main types of boilers for homeowners to consider.

Three Types of Boilers

There are three types of boilers, gas, oil, or electric. Gas boilers are fueled by either natural gas or propane and are highly efficient. The disadvantage of gas boilers is that residential natural gas pipelines are not available everywhere. In this case, a homeowner has to have a propane tank on their property to supply gas to their boiler. In addition, propane tends to be more expensive than what people pay for residential natural gas.

Oil-fueled boilers are popular in places where a residential natural gas line is unavailable and where fuel requirements are high because of cold weather, like in Minnesota. With an oil-fired boiler, homeowners usually have a home heating oil tank in their basement to supply fuel. Oil-fueled boilers can also be energy efficient. However, homeowners are subject to varying heating costs because of fluctuations in the price of oil.

Electrical boilers are simple and relatively cheap to install because they do not use combustion fuel, so they don’t require a flue or chimney. In addition to not needing a vent, they do not need a connection to a fuel source, so there are more options for where these heating systems can be placed in a home. They are also more compact than gas or oil burners and can be a good option for people who do not have a lot of extra space for a heating unit.

Electric boilers are even more efficient than gas or oil variations and require less maintenance because of fewer moving parts. However, because of the price of electricity, they are slightly more expensive to run for most people than traditional boilers. Another disadvantage is they heat less water at the same as gas and oil boilers, so they may not be practical for larger households.

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