October 10, 2022

We’re only a few weeks away from having snow on the ground, the holiday season, and months with limited access to do outdoor home care with ease.

In this issue of the home care tips newsletter, we’ll share a checklist of activities to make sure your home is ready for winter (if you haven’t already gotten around to them):

  • Disconnect hoses and turn off the water supply to outdoor fixtures. Once you disconnect the hoses, stretch them out downhill to make sure they’re drained. Take sprinklers and other accessories indoors — so they don’t get damaged from freezing.
  • Turn off the water supply to the underground sprinkler system if your home has one installed.
  • Clean the gutters and check downspouts for clogs! Water freezing and getting backed up in clogged gutters can cause major damage to your home in several ways — including damage to your home’s foundation, which can cost over $10,000 to repair on the low end.
  • Fertilize the lawn with a fall or winter blend. This helps the grass establish a stronger root system and come back more lush in the spring. If you planted new grass or sod this season, it is critical to do this to make sure it comes back next season.
  • Winterize new plantings, landscaping plants, and decorative garden beds. Tired of all of your new plantings and decorative garden plants dying off and spending hundreds of dollars to replace them every season? Make sure you cover them with leaves from your yard, burlap, garden cloth, or a combo of these things to help protect and insulate them against the frigid cold.
  • Set traps for rodents. Make sure to set out a couple of traps for rodents in your garage, shed, and possibly in your basement if you’re in a wooded or grassland area. This will help keep them under control when they’re on the move.
  • Get a furnace inspection if you’re not sure it’s working properly, or if you need help with any of the topics above. You can call, email, or request service on our website. Again, it’s better to make sure your heating system is working properly while the weather is nice before you get caught in a “no heat” situation during the winter.

If you have any issues with your heating system or require home service contact us directly to schedule an appointment:

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