February 22, 2022


Rochester, Minnesota is a great place — but, let’s face it, one of the more challenging things is the extreme weather!

With extreme swings in temperature ranging from scorching heat in the summer, to below-zero “arctic” conditions in the winter, your heating and air conditioning systems are put through their paces. This means that unexpected breakdowns and maintenance are bound to happen more frequently than you’d like to imagine and can be costly, if not dangerous to your family and your most valuable asset — your home.

On top of these worries and unforeseen expenses — having high energy costs is pretty much accepted as the “norm” of living in Minnesota — when compared to other areas of the United States.

What if you could reduce these stresses, reduce your energy consumption, and have more free time to do what you love to do? What if you and your family, friends, and pets could arrive in total comfort without a care in the world?

This can be your reality by taking advantage of the Unitedly Service Group Pinnacle Program! Everything is taken care of by one simple, affordable monthly payment.

The *Pinnacle Program is the first type of heating and cooling solution available in the Rochester market. Here’s what you can expect from taking advantage of it:

  • Lower energy bills due to having the most advanced heating and AC equipment installed in your home
  • Add value to your home by having a new and well-maintained furnace and air conditioner
  • If you have an emergency service need, it’s covered
  • The program is not a loan and does not affect your debit-to-income
  • Maintenance is included in the monthly payment
  • Repair costs** are a worry of the past
  • Reduced worry of frozen pipes or extreme heat in the summer

The list goes on and on! If you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the Pinnacle Program page on our site and schedule a call or email to discuss the program for your home.

*Clients must be approved for the program to participate.
**See your Pinnacle Program Agreement for full details and terms & conditions.

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