June 12, 2021
AC Cleaning in Rochester, MN

An air conditioner unit can eventually get dirty over time. Cleaning your air conditioner unit before you begin to use it is important for maintenance, and it helps boost the efficiency of your system. A well-maintained air conditioner will often last much longer compared to a unit with poor maintenance.

Here are tips on how you can clean your air conditioner.

Always Disconnect the Power

One of the first steps in cleaning your AC unit is to disconnect its power. Failure to disconnect your unit is a major safety risk that can lead to electrical shock. The easiest way to disconnect power from your air conditioner unit is to turn off the breaker.

Remove the AC Grille

The next step is to remove the AC grille by removing the metal screws. Removing the AC grille makes it much easier to clean your unit and remove any built-up debris. Many times you can set the top of the grille to the side without having to disconnect or remove any of the wires.

Clean Out Any Debris

Debris can eventually build up and cause your air conditioner to work less efficiently. Failure to remove debris will often lessen the lifespan of your system and cost you a lot of money in repairs. Taking the time to remove debris will boost efficiency and help you lower your energy bill.

Remove Weeds and Leaves Around the Outdoor Unit

Leaves can quickly accumulate around your unit during the fall and winter months. Weeds will also grow around your unit in the spring season. Staying proactive by keeping the area around your unit clean will allow it to work much better and reduce the risk of it overheating.

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