November 8, 2022

New Heating and Air Conditioning Regulations Are Coming in 2023! As a result, this may be the time to replace your HVAC system…here’s why.

In an ongoing effort to minimize the impact of HVAC refrigerants on global warming, new efficiency standards will take effect in 2023 which includes an increase in minimum efficiency ratings. Energy efficiency for air conditioners is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER, the more efficient the HVAC unit.

Things to consider before the upcoming deadline!

Upcoming 2023 regulations offer homeowners the opportunity to consider their options as energy efficiency regulations continue to rise. Now is the time to make the switch and upgrade to a higher-efficiency model. Reasons to consider making the upgrade today include:

  1. Maintaining an older system will become increasingly more expensive. Not only are you paying more per month on your energy bill, but your yearly maintenance will increase as well. The price of refrigerant is set to rise yet again, even though it has increased over 300% in the past five years alone.
  2. Energy-saving equipment means you’ll save money every month. While there is a cost to upgrade your current HVAC system, your monthly energy bills will decrease because the machine operates at optimal efficiency
  3. Upgrading now means less of a wait for new equipment and installation. Many people may wait to make a change until after the deadline — which will increase demand — and cause potential shortages and increased pricing.

Unitedly Service Group is here to help you make the right decision about your air conditioning and heating equipment.

It’s important to realize the longer you wait to replace your existing system, the more costly it will be in the long term. With the rebates and incentives available now, there has never been a better opportunity to replace your home comfort system. Call us today and we will be happy to send one of our experienced client advisors to your home for a free consultation — so that you can make an important decision for you and your family.

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