December 13, 2022
Furnace in Rochester, MN

Winter is just around the corner, meaning you need your furnace to work optimally to heat your Rochester-area home. However, like any other appliance in your home, furnaces can run into problems. Unusual sounds, such as clicking, are one of those issues. Here are a few of the reasons for this odd noise.

1. Worn-Out Bearings

If you are still getting heat from your furnace, the bearings in your furnace’s blower might be the culprit of the clicking sounds. A loud clicking noise often occurs when the inducer blowers or fan shafts are clogged or the bearings are worn. A technician can help determine which problem applies and whether your system needs a thorough cleaning or a part replacement.

2. Gas Leak or Clogged Valve

A clicking sound from your furnace when it’s not working might mean a gas leak or a clogged valve. If the former is the issue, it’s potentially dangerous, and you should immediately contact a professional in the Rochester area to inspect your furnace.

3. Dirty Flame Sensor or Thermocouple

The flame sensor, also known as the thermocouple, is responsible for detecting the flame and sending signals to the unit. If this component is clogged or dirty, it will create a clicking sound. Having a technician clean, fix, or replace the sensor can get things running normally again.

4. Pilot Light Problem

You might hear clicking from your furnace if the pilot light gets clogged, becomes loose, or wears out. When this happens, your furnace will not even turn on. This problem requires the assistance of an HVAC technician.

5. Ignitor Problem

A furnace might make a clicking noise if the ignitor malfunctions. Your furnace should light up immediately, but if the ignitor is faulty, it won’t turn on. Like many of these other issues, a technician must inspect your unit in this situation.

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