May 10, 2021
Dirty AC in Rochester, Minnesota

Your air conditioner provides relief from the summertime heat and humidity in Rochester, MN. If you notice a smell each time your AC unit turns on, this might alarm you. Here are three reasons why your air conditioning system may be releasing an unpleasant odor.

1. Buildup on the Coil or Filter

Dirt or bacteria buildup on the evaporator coil may cause a musty, stale odor to spread through your home during each cooling cycle. Only a certified HVAC technician should remove debris from the evaporator coil. A dirty air filter may cause a musty or burning smell each time your air conditioner turns on. Check the filter each month, and replace it when it’s dirty.

2. Clogged Condensate Pan or Drain

The condensate pan collects water that condenses from your house’s cooled air. It then drains into the condensate drain, which empties into your property’s main sewer line. Over time, a clog could build up in the drain pan or line. The mold, algae, and bacteria release odors as they metabolize nutrients. The best way to get rid of this smell is to sanitize the condensate drain pan and line. This is also done during routine air conditioner maintenance visits.

3. Debris in Ducts

It’s possible that debris in the ducts or vents could be making a foul smell. If your air conditioner’s filter, coil, and condensate line are all clean, check the ducts next. Dust, dander, and moisture provide an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. When mold and bacteria grow, they release a musty smell. It’s also possible that an animal could’ve gotten into your air ducts and died there. You may need a duct inspection to find the source of a bad smell in this part of your air conditioning system.

Unitedly Service Group is a trusted provider of air conditioning maintenance in Rochester. We also offer heating system maintenance and heating and cooling repair and replacement. Our indoor air quality solutions, water heaters, and humidifiers improve your comfort. For more information about why your air conditioner smells, get in touch with us at Unitedly Service Group today.

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