May 27, 2022
Air Vent in Rochester, MN

Many homeowners in Rochester, MN are tired of paying higher and higher utility bills every month. If you’ve already invested in a smart thermostat, added insulation to your home, and applied weatherstripping and caulk to reduce unwanted air exchange, you might wonder if closing the upstairs air vents could save you money and reduce your home’s energy use. The short answer is no, it won’t, and here are the reasons why.

Central Air Is All or None

Central heating and cooling systems operate on an all-or-none basis. When they perform a heating or cooling cycle, they run at 100% capacity. If you close the upstairs air vents, the system

Closed Vents Create More Work

Your home’s airflow is a delicate balance of supply and return. If you close any of the vents, you throw off this balance and create more work for the heating or cooling system. This extra work may cause the system to perform more heating or cooling cycles and use more energy than it would have if you’d left all the vents open. The extra cycles also create more wear and tear, which could result in worn-out parts and a shorter system lifespan.

Static Pressure Problems

Closed air vents may cause too much pressure on your home’s ductwork. This excess pressure may lead to air leaks. It can also cause unwanted expansion and contraction of the metal ducts, resulting in gaps and cracks. Air leaks through those gaps and cracks wastes energy and increases your utility bills.

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