Introducing the Unitedly Pinnacle Program

No more hassling and worrying about staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

The Unitedly Service Group Pinnacle Program was designed for homeowners in the Rochester, Minnesota region looking for the best option to replace and maintain their heating and cooling systems in their homes. We manage all of the installations, continued service, and maintenance of your systems and upgrades (when requested) to utilize the latest in energy-efficient technology.

Get comfortable in your home and spend time doing what YOU WANT to do — not wasting time dealing with the stresses of home maintenance.

The Pinnacle Program* Benefits:

  • A single monthly payment
  • Brand-new, HIGH-EFFICIENCY heating and cooling home equipment
  • Installation INCLUDED
  • Seasonal maintenance INCLUDED
  • Future repairs, parts, and labor** INCLUDED
  • Emergency services INCLUDED
  • Priority scheduling INCLUDED
  • Filter replacements INCLUDED
  • Plus, expect LOWER UTILITY BILLS from the Unitedly Pinnacle Program

Pinnacle Program members get the heating and cooling system they need installed in their home with no down payment and can manage the costs of expensive repairs and replacements with affordable monthly payments. If you decide to sell your home, the program is fully transferable and does not affect your debt-to-income — the Pinnacle Program is not a loan agreement.

Contact Us to Get Started or For More Information.

*Client must be approved for the program to participate.
**See your Pinnacle Program Agreement for full details and terms & conditions.