Water Softener in Rochester, MNAre you thinking about getting a water softener in Rochester, MN? You probably know that a water softening device can improve the taste of your drinking water. However, that’s not the only benefit of arranging a water softener system installation for your home.

    Water Softener System Installation

    Adding a water softening system to your household can result in lower energy bills. Hard water can cause mineral buildup inside pipes connected to appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher. This buildup prevents the efficient flow of water. A water softener filters out minerals, so your appliances don’t have to expend more energy than necessary.

    Having soft water can also benefit your skin. When you rinse your hands with hard water, it leaves a soap film behind that can lead to itchy skin. Alternatively, bathing with soft water allows you to thoroughly rinse away soap and shampoo for healthier skin and hair.

    Soft water does a more thorough job at washing your clothes than hard water can. This is because the minerals in hard water diminish the strength of your laundry detergent. Plus, washing your clothes in hard water can make your fabrics feel stiff and even fade colors. Soft water cleans your clothing more gently, leaving you with soft fabrics and bright colors.

    If you have hard water, you’ve likely noticed a white film or even stains on your shower tile. These stains are a result of the minerals in the water. They are difficult to remove and can take away from the beauty of your surfaces. Soft water doesn’t leave stains behind, making it easier to clean your tile.


    There are a few options to consider when choosing a water softener for your home.
    • Size of the system
    • Capacity of the system
    • Salt-based or salt-free
    • Single tank or dual tank

    Water Softener Experts in Rochester

    At Unitedly Service Group, we’ve been providing professional water softener system installation in Rochester since 2006. Our licensed and experienced plumbers will evaluate the needs of your household to choose the appropriate system for your home. Plus, we use quality products and equipment to help us provide first-rate work. Our team members take the time to answer your questions, so you’ll know what to expect throughout the installation process.

    We’ll respect both your time and your property by arriving on schedule and cleaning up our work area before leaving. Take a moment to read some of our customers’ feedback on our reviews page. We’re proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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    Are you interested in a water softener for your household? Contact our friendly team at Unitedly Service Group in Rochester today!