March 7, 2022

Unitedly Service Group has put together a homeowner checklist for common AC and heating issues in the home — for you to self-diagnose, before scheduling an appointment.

Homes need a regular check-up, just like we do, to ensure proper efficiency. Use this checklist to help identify issues with your home that could be resolved – creating a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your family.

  • Are you concerned about utility bills going up while your furnace, boiler, water heater, and air conditioner age?
  • Does your family suffer from allergies or other breathing troubles?
  • Are you frustrated by temperature differences between areas of your home?
  • Have you had the ducts in your home cleaned recently to remove dust and allergens?
  • Can you control your thermostat when you’re away – or do you get worried by unnecessary heating bills or frozen pipes?
  • Has your heating or cooling equipment become very loud and obnoxious?
  • Do you get frustrated because your home is never the right temperature during the winter or summer?
  • Does your attic get very hot during the summer? Have you found mold in your attic? Have you found mold in your basement?

If you’ve checked off any of these items or answered yes, make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment to fix these common problems around your home.

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