October 17, 2022

The Unitedly Service Group team has put together an insider tip checklist for snowblowers, lawnmowers, small engines, and even your vehicle to help make sure you’re ready to tackle the winter months.

Our goal is to provide our clients and newsletter subscribers with useful info that helps them be prepared and ready to handle common issues during winter before it becomes a hassle. Here are 5 tips to consider:

  • Run your snowblower and make sure it’s in working order. It’s best to run your snowblower now, while there’s time to get it fixed or serviced before the repair centers get booked up, or parts become hard to find.
  • Winterize your lawn mower and small engines (trimmers, weed whips, etc.) Add fuel stabilizer — we recommend Seafoam — and run the engine for 5-10 minutes to circulate. Change oil and filters. Clean off any dirt or debris. And make sure to disconnect the battery if the small engine/mower has a powered start. You can also apply this to ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles and other summer powersports engines!
  • Put ice scrapers, a blanket, gloves, and a hat in your vehicle. Nothing is worse than parking overnight or driving somewhere and your windows frost up or ice over. Put a warm blanket, a hat, and gloves in your vehicle in case of emergency.
  • Put low-temperature washer fluid in your auto’s washer reservoir. You can purchase lower-temp washer fluid from just about any automotive or home care store in the Midwest. It will help you defrost windshields and keep your auto’s water bottle from freezing and cracking!
  • Make sure your auto has sufficient tire tread and get the brakes serviced if needed. These two items are possibly the most critical to preventing an accident on the road, and getting where you need to go safely.

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