Perhaps you’re wondering if you need a heat pump repair in Stewartville, MN. Maybe the system is malfunctioning in an obvious way, or you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bill that you can’t explain. Whatever the situation, you’ll want to hire a professional heat pump service provider for the initial inspection. The fact is that heat pumps can give out numerous signs that they need fixing.

Take lukewarm air, for example. The heat pump runs and runs, but your home never cools down as it should. Or take short-cycling, where the system turns on and off in fits and starts. If left alone, the system never cools properly, never reaches its maximum efficiency level, and starts to drain your wallet. That’s why unusually high utility bills can also signify a malfunctioning heat pump.

Other times, the system may run adequately, but it’s making a continual banging or hissing noise that’s impossible to ignore. Then there’s the “dirty sock syndrome,” where you smell a musty odor during operation. All of these problems have a cause, and a technician can fix the problem for you.