November 20, 2021
Winter Home Preparation in Rochester, MN

Whether you’re ready for it or not, winter will soon be here. Fall is a good time to start preparing your home for winter, especially as climate change is more and more frequently causing extreme weather events. Set aside a weekend so you can better protect your home and family.

Hang Heavier Curtains

Take down light curtains you use in the summer and put up heavier ones. You should have dark color ones as they absorb the heat of the sun.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

You should set your ceiling fans to spin clockwise in the winter. This will push down the warm air from where it collects near the ceiling. There’s a switch on the motor housing that reverses the direction of the fan’s blades.

Tune-Up Your Heater

Fall is the time to schedule preventative maintenance for your heater. This will help it operate more efficiently throughout the winter and make it much less likely it will break down. The technician will also make sure it’s operating safely and not causing carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

Unitedly Service Group in Rochester, MN, is the company to call for heater maintenance. Our highly experienced technicians can work on all makes and models of heaters.

Have Your Chimney Inspected

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, have it inspected in the fall by a chimney company. Over 20,000 fires are caused in homes each year because of chimney fires. If it’s blocked, it can also cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

Look at your gutters to see if they need leaves and debris cleaned out of them. Inspect your roof, too. If you suspect there’s a problem, call a roofing company to repair it.

Unitedly Service Group is a locally owned and operated company that offers repairs, replacements, and maintenance for heaters and air conditioners. We can also help you with indoor air quality, water heaters, zone controls, humidifiers, exhaust systems, in-floor heating systems, and air-to-air exchangers. Call today to find out more.

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