January 16, 2024
5 Benefits of Geothermal Heating

As the world moves toward renewable energy, many households in Rochester are now venturing into geothermal heating units. At [company name], we help people install and maintain these amazing systems that conserve the environment while keeping you warm. Below are some of the benefits our clients enjoy while using geothermal heat pumps.

1. Always Available

Once you install your residential geothermal heating, you can enjoy a constant heat supply regardless of the season. This is because the temperature deep beneath the ground remains constant and doesn’t change with the seasons. Therefore, you will always have consistency, despite the weather outside.

2. Energy Efficiency and Supply

From our experience, geothermal heat pumps have better energy efficiency than most available energy sources. This is because there is a constant power supply. Any excess heat produced also gets recycled into the circuit, and you can use it to heat your hot water.

3. Doesn’t Require Much Space

Since the massive part of the system mainly goes underground, the system will not consume much of your aboveground space. You can maintain your home’s aesthetics without interfering with your heat supply.

4. Long Lifespan

Geothermal heat pumps usually last about 80 to 100 years for the underground system and about 25 years for the interior heating unit. You can say goodbye to shorter lifespans from other heat sources like boilers and furnaces.

5. Minimal Maintenance Requirement

Even with their long lifespans, residential geothermal heating units in Rochester require minimal maintenance. Since they do not experience constant interruptions, they can keep running for many years without significant repairs. However, we recommend regular inspections and tune-ups for optimal functioning.

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